financial strategies

End of the Year Planning Considerations

As 2023 swiftly comes to a close, it's time to make sure that we have our finances in order to properly prepare for the new year. Let’s discuss some of the financial matters that folks should consider addressing before the December 31st. From maxing out your retirement contributions to tax loss harvesting, this episode is packed with valuable items to think about!

Counterintuitive Advice: Why You Should NOT Invest In A 401(k)

Don’t get us wrong. In many cases, your 401(k) can be your best investment vehicle, offering numerous benefits and tax advantages and many times a 100% return on some of your contributions (also known as an employer match). However, it's important to recognize that it might not always be the optimal choice for everyone. Join us in this thought-provoking episode as we dissect the reasons why someone should NOT invest in a 401(k).