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Even Responsible Savers Make Mistakes

Even for people who have been very responsible with their money over the years, entering retirement can still be a challenge because it’s such a different stage of life. Let’s talk about some of the missteps that even responsible savers can make...

3rd and 4th Quarter Planning To-Do List, Part 2

As we get into the 2nd half of 2019, there are several planning items you might want to run a quick checkup on. We continue to go through our checklist of items to consider as the year begins to wind down in this follow up conversation to last week's podcast.

3rd and 4th Quarter Planning To-Do List, Part 1

As we get into the 2nd half of 2019, there are several planning items you might want to run a quick checkup on. Especially if you are retired, or planning to retire soon. Are you focusing on the right things? Listen to today’s podcast to find out.

You Need To Avoid These Portfolio Disasters

Between wildfires, hurricanes, tornados and floods, there’s always a natural disaster making news headlines. And while life and limb aren’t at stake when it comes to your portfolio, experiencing a financial disaster can still have a catastrophic effect on your life in retirement. Let’s discuss some portfolio disasters that we’ve seen and how to avoid them

What Does Financial Security Mean To You?

“Financial Security” might mean different things to different people, but for nearly everyone, making sure that they achieve their own definition of security is the most important part of their retirement plan. So, how do you define financial security? On today’s show, we’ll cover some of the popular responses we hear from clients during the planning process.

Recent News Headlines & Storytime

We've got a variety of topics lined up for today. To start things off, we'll dive into some news headlines, including Brexit updates, a recent Goldman Sachs economist prediction, and recent tech company IPOs. We'll round things out with a story from Mike about a time he recommended a particular strategy to a client that he normally would not recommend.

“Fake News” Impacting Your Finances

The term “fake news” has become synonymous with the political climate of the past few years. But the phenomenon has spread to other parts of our culture as well. What about fake news in the financial space? We’ll look at some recent news headlines to see if they qualify to be labeled as “fake news”.

Don’t Utter These Famous Last Words

Hopefully your famous last words in life won’t be “Hey y’all, watch this!” And in the financial world, there’s quite a few phrases that you don’t want to be your famous last words either...

In The News & Email Questions

We take a look into the retail brick-and-mortar landscape in this week's news headlines. And later, we'll answer a few email questions from our listeners about investing in foreign currencies and preparing for a down market.

The 6 Things Wasting Away In Your Financial Junk Drawer – Part 1

Most people have a junk drawer at home. It usually contains things like rubber bands, clothespins, highlighters, glue sticks, a tape measure, a label maker, and a pair of scissors. But most people have a financial junk drawer too. Let’s talk about some of the things that end up there and how they might be put to better use.